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May 2nd, 2001
Before the season Chesapeake @ Somerset looked like it could be a premier matchup. Two teams at a point in the season with something to prove. And I think they both still do have something to prove--that they can win consistently!! Emillio Browne started the game off right for Chesapeake drilling a 3 pointer right away!! After a free throw by Somerset Chesapeake's Justin Krueger came down and drilled another 3!! This shot seemed to shock the Somerset players. Chesapeake went on a 16-2 run after that!! Nothing Somerset did defensively was close to enough. Somerset fought back slightly to make the 1st quarter score 34-19. Chesapeake had the game easily at hand. Some late free throws by Bill Stone capped a huge tear by Somerset to make the halftime score a respectable 49-43. Somerset had struggled and clawed back into it. Browne drained another 3 with 3:35 left in the 3rd to extend Chesapeake's lead back to 14 and the quarter ended with it 77-65 Chesapeake. Somerset pulled to within 6 again early in the 4th, but Chesapeake took it right back again on another 3 by Browne!! The game ended on a Lance Armstrong jumper which fell on deaf ears. Chesapeake had pulled off a tough road win for them.

Player of the Game: Emillio Browne, Chesapeake

Tomorrow's Game: Port Chester @ Westside

PS--there will be no Showcase Games on Friday or Monday as I will be out of town--sorry :(

May 1st, 2001
What a Game for you all today!! Monaco @ Vegas with an amazing finish. Monaco came out hustling on the road, but Vegas was right there to match them shot for shot in quarter one with neither team able to pull away by more than 6. Cory Mosley drained a jumper to put Monaco up by 6 at the end of the first. Monaco opened the 2nd quarter with a small burst increasing their lead to 10. A 3-pointer by Shane Dunn then capped a Vegas rally by drawing them to within 2 at 35-33 with 7:27 left in the half. Vegas then took the lead at the 4:20 mark of quarter 2 and the crowd was into it. Monaco managed to rally back behind some solid defensive play and led 51-47 at the half. The third quarter was a mirror image of the two teams in the second quarter. A back and forth game with both teams hitting a lot of key baskets and making key stops as well. Monaco lost 2 more points of its halftime lead though and were ahead only 75-73. The teams then traded shots until with 2:21 left Monaco had tallied a 5 point lead. But that lead was immediately cut into when Bill Chaussee drained the 3 point bomb to cut the lead back to 2!! Monaco answered with a 2 at the other end, but then Sean Ashman came down and drilled a long range shot of his own to cut the lead to just 1 with 1:42 remaining!! Then a steal by Shane Dunn and a lay in by Gillespie gave Vegas the one point lead. A late foul by Fatafehi sent Ellis Law to the line and he sank both free throws to put Monaco back on top with :25 seconds left. Matthew Scott returned the favor by fouling Nike Johnson who in turn hit both free throws to put Vegas back up. In the last seconds Monaco dribbled the ball up the court. Jacob Aaron then launched a jumper that clanked off the iron!! Matthew Scott was there to grab the long rebound, and he kicked it back out to Aaron who spotted Cory Mosley open on the wing. Mosley squared up and took the shot with a man in his face at the buzzer!! The shot went in as the crowd held its breath. They were stunned by the loss. Monaco had won 99-98!!

Player of the Game: Cory Mosley, Monaco

Tomorrow's Game: Chesapeake @ Somerset

April 30th, 2001
Today PTS was on the campus of Amsterdam University for their matchup with Somerset. Somerset won the jump ball, but they were immediately called for an illegal pick and Amsterdam went to work. Amsterdam missed their shots on the possession, but then once again Somerset was called for the illegal pick!! Twice in a row!! The game then settled down for the rest of the first quarter as the two teams played solid basketball. Devonta Corrigan led Amsterdam with 7 rebounds in the first quarter! But Amsterdam led 28-19 after one due to some strong 3 point shooting. Amsterdam continued this hot streak into the 2nd quarter as they came out and drilled another 3 to open the lead up to 12. Amsterdam rolled in the 2nd set extending their lead to 60-35. They doubled up on Somerset beating them 32-16 in the quarter. Somerset had problems hitting any shots and Amsterdam seemed to never miss. The momentum was all one way heading into the locker rooms and you could tell by looking at the faces of the Somerset players they knew they were beaten. Somerset was able to close to within 21 in the 3rd quarter on a small spurt, but then Amsterdam answered right back with a run of their own. The score was 79-52 at the end of the 3rd quarter and it looked like Somerset just wanted to go home down by 27. When the dust cleared the score was 105-70 in favor of Amsterdam. The home town crowd got exactly what it expected from its team today. Amsterdam had thoroughly routed the Somerset effort and sent them packing. Somerset gave it a grand effort led by Stew Page's 15 points. Amsterdam was led by Emmett Yee's 16. In all it was a very balanced effort as we have come to expect from Amsterdam. Corrigan chipped in with his rebounds and the team just gelled.

Player of the Game: Devonta Corrigan, Amsterdam

Tomorrow's Showcase: Monaco @ Vegas

April 27th, 2001
Today, PTS Sports was in Philadelphia to watch Siberia play Philly State. The game was back and forth early on with Siberia matching every lead that Philly could muster up. But as the quarter wore on you could see the difference in depth in the two squads and the stamina. Austyn Williams caught fire in the first and led the #2 team in the league to a 10 point first quarter lead. He had 10 points himself in the quarter. Siberia started quarter 2 with some fire by stealing the ball and converting an easy shot by Kumanchik to put the lead back into single digits, but Philly answered back on a shot by Hewlett next possession. Siberia then made a small run cutting the lead all the way down to 3 and the two teams then exchanged baskets until the half with Philly taking the 56-50 lead into the locker rooms. TBoth teams came out of the locker rooms focused and they played tough physical ball to begin the half, but it was taking its toll on Siberia. With Del Torro knocking down a 2 at the 5:09 mark of the 3rd quarter Philly once again extended its lead to 10. The quarter ended on this note for Siberia. The crowd was into the game and the place was rocking as the fand sensed victory. Siberia was able to cut the lead to 6 at one point in the 4th quarter, but Philly was just too strong and every run that Siberia made was countered with a larger run by Philly. Philly went on to win the game by 24 points due in large part to a huge 4th quarter showing where they pulled away. Philadelphia was led by Webster Hewlett's 20 points and Siberia by Kumanchik's 18. Siberia won the rebounding battle by a surprisingly comfortable 46-32 margin, but in the end the Philly defense was just too much forcing 23 steals!!

Player of the Game: Austyn Williams--Philly State

Monday's PTS Game: Somerset @ Amsterdam

March 26th, 2001
Here's a little research that was done by Chaca Canyon Coach, Sergio Gutierrez, on how the teams in each conference fared last season, prior to the total realigning of the conferences:

Power West Conference          Record             Freshmen      Div. Finish
Acapulco (Tokyo Tech)          12-24               2             7th
Cancun                         27-13               2             1st
Chaco Canyon (Grand Canyon)    25-18               4             2nd
Midwest (Kangaroo)             27-14               5             2nd
Vegas (Krakatoa)               19-20               5             3rd
Westside                        8-28               2             9th
Wheat                          18-21               3             6th
Overall Average               136-138  49.6%      3.3            4.3

Atlantic 7 Conference          Record             Freshmen      Div. Finish
Harlem                          9-26               3             8th
Mid-Atlantic (Southwestern)    13-23               2             7th
Philadelphia (Key West)         38-5               3             1st
Port Chester                   30-13               2             3rd
Appleby (3-Mile Island)        26-11               3             2nd
Wilmington (SE Louisiana)      11-26               6             8th
Williams                       33-10               2             1st
Overall Average               160-114  58.4%      3.0            4.3

Big 7 Conference               Record             Freshmen      Div. Finish
Carlisle                       22-18               2             5th
Chesapeake                     26-15               3             4th
Jamaica                        16-20               4             5th
Pittsburgh (Iceland)            7-29               2             9th
Scranton                       12-29               1             7th
Somerset (Panama)              21-16               6             3rd
Sthrn Foothills (Sarunas)      24-13               3             3rd
Overall Average               128-140  47.8%      3.0            5.1

Euro 7 Conference              Record             Freshmen      Div. Finish
Amsterdam                       39-5               4             1st
Langepas (Alaska/Dallas)       17-21               2             4th
NE Moscow                      30-12               3             2nd
Royal Academy                  23-13               4             4th
Siberia                        19-19               5             5th
Vojvodina                      18-19               5             6th
Glasgow (Zagreb)               17-22               7             7th
Overall Average               163-111  59.5%      4.3            4.1

Independant Conference         Record             Freshmen      Div. Finish
Beijing                         9-27               4             8th
Buenos Aires (Independant)     14-25               2             5th
Heavenly (Hard Knocks)         17-23               3             6th
Loyola (Abe Lincoln)            7-28               3             9th
Melbourne                      12-24               3             6th
Monaco                         14-23               1             8th
Sahara                         15-22               4             4th
Overall Average                88-172  33.8%      2.9            6.6
All Conference Team
All GCBA Team:

1st TEAM:
PG--Austyn Williams, PHI
SG--Jason Lawrence, MWS
SF--Jaxon McCall, ROY
PF--Arron Black, APP
C---Jack Spiegel, CAR

2nd TEAM:
PG--Justin Krueger, CHE
SG--Webster Hewlett, PHI
SF--Emillio Browne, CHE
PF--Devonta Corrigan, AMS
C---Chip Wilkinson, CAN


All Freshman Team:

1st TEAM:
PG--Felipe Juarez, HEA
SG--Evilio Nunez, SIB
SF--Brandon Morfeld, PHI
PF--Greg Lacy, MWS
C---John Van Horne, WMS

2nd TEAM:
PG--Vincent Robinson, WES
SG--Sergio Cahill, CAN
SF--Brian Collins, AMS
PF--KD Mobley, HAR
C---Marten Kurpeikis, VOJ


This preview written by PTS writer Brandon Morfeld.

PS--The players on this list may not match up perfectly with the individual conference projections. I mean, a guy that was 2nd team all conference may be first team all-gcba. This is due to the fact that two of the individual conferences were previewed by another person. So don't get on me about how some guy wasn't even first team all conference, but he all of a sudden was all-gcba. It happens :)

March 5th, 2001

Conference Player of the Year:
Jim Jim Jordan, Chaco Canyon
Incoming Impact Freshman:
Sean Ashman, Vegas

All Conference Team
1st Team:
PG-Storm Schmid, Cancun
SG-Jason Lawrence, Midwest St
SF-Jevon Carter, Cancun
PF-J.J. Jordan, Chaco Canyon
C--Chip Wilkinson, Cancun
2nd Team:
PG-Brandon Sandler, Midwest St
SG-Matt Hernandez, Chaco Canyon
SF-Tyrell Hall, Acapulco
PF-Arnold Erhardt, Acapulco
C--Roy Base, Midwest St
All Freshman Team:
PG-Trey McLaughlin, Acapulco
SG-Sergio Cahill, Cancun
SF-Ramon Phelan, Midwest St
PF-Greg Lacy, Midwest St
C--Sean Ashman, Vegas
Projected Standings:
1. Cancun
2. Midwest St
3. Chaco Canyon
4. Acapulco
5. Vegas
6. Westside
7. Wheat

The more and more I look at this team, the more I am impressed. Could very well be the best team in the league. What separates this team from the rest of the pack is the great depth this team has. Their bench players are almost as good as their starters. Come tourney time, I don't know if there are many teams that can beat them.
This team is loaded with talent and if anyone is capable of knocking off Cancun, Midwest St. is. The biggest concern should be the health of the team. They have good depth, but at the point guard and power forward positions, they are a little weak. Base and Harrington are studs and can lead their team the GCBA championship if they get on a roll.
Jim Jim Jordan is a great great player player. This team has a good starting five, but the point guard position is a real concern as is with most teams in this conference. This team will win a lot of games and will pose problems for lots of teams.
They have a nice trio in Erhardt, Hall, and McLaughlin, but not much else. Overall, they're a solid team and will make some noise come tourney time. This is my sleeper team. Next season though, will be the season to pay close attention to Acapulco.
They have the best incoming freshman in the conference in Sean Ashman. Shane Dunn and Bill Chausee are solid, but don't expect too much from this team. They are capable of pulling off upsets, so don't take them too lightly. This team will turn the ball over a lot.
This isn't a very good team. It's the Gabriel Keniry show and 13 other guys. The few players that are halfway decent are seniors. This team will be bad until they can provide a couple of good players to put alongside Keniry, who is only a sophomore.
This team reminds me of Clemson. They have one great player in Hick Carpenter who is like Will Solomon of Clemson, but NO ONE else. Wins will be hard to come by, but if Carpenter gets hot in a game, they might pull off an upset.
Power West Conference Preview by PTS writer, Sam Plummer.

Conference Player of the Year:
Arron Black, Appleby
Incoming Impact Freshman:
John Van Horne, Williams

All Conference Team
1st Team:
PG-Austyn Williams, Philadelphia State
SG-Webster Hewlett, Philadelphia State
SF-Raymond Carroll, Appleby
PF-Arron Black, Appleby
C--John Van Horne, Williams
2nd Team:
PG-Dave Troychak, Williams
SG-Scott Jacoby, Wilmington
SF-Brandon Morfeld, Philadelphia State
PF-Travis Young, Wilmington
C--Keyon Brown, Mid-Atlantic
All Freshman Team:
PG-Johnny Burns, Harlem
SG-Jim Madden, Port Chester
SF-Brandon Morfeld, Philadelphia State
PF-K.D. Mobley, Harlem
C--John Van Horne, Williams
Projected Standings:
1. Philadelphia State
2. Appleby
3. Williams
4. Wilmington
5. Port Chester
6. Mid-Atlantic
7. Harlem

This team is extremely well rounded and will again be one of the top teams in the nation. The weakest link is C Pat Stephenson, but that is like finding the weak spot in a brick wall. This team is in great position to take this conference.
This is the only team I see challenging PSU for the conference. They have the physical big men to get the job done if they get quality coaching. I can't iterate enough that this projection is contingent on a strong coaching staff that participates actively. If that happens this will be a great team to watch.
Now you can never count out a team that Dave coaches!! Troychak and Berger will be great players and Van Horne could be the freshman of the year, but they are just lacking depth and some key pieces. The JUCO Transfers could really help if they step it up. I just think the depth will hurt this team.
This team also has issues at some key positions. Jack Sanders, Travis Young, and Scott Jacoby should make this team win a fair share of games, but they lack the dominating center and key point guard.
PCU has a great PG in Dominik Lang, but his counterparts aren't exactly ideal to pass the ball to. Jim Madden should be a key player for the squad and help them to put together some solid performances.
This team could be housing some surprises this season. If Jasper Zadelhout plays at a competitive level then this is a team that could move as high as 3rd in the conference. Evans and Brown are great inside players and Bohan is solid at SF. If their guards can prove themselves look out.
This is a young team. They got a very talented recruiting class and will be moving up the conference in the future. As for right now Creed is their main weapon and will be relied upon heavily. If the freshman play up to par they also could finish a lot higher this season.
Big 7 Conference Preview by PTS writer, Brandon Morfeld.

Conference Player of the Year:
Jack Spiegel, Carlisle
Incoming Impact Freshman:
Ramiro Watts, Somerset

All Conference Team
1st Team:
PG-Justin Krueger, Chesapeake
SG-Nash Badger, Jamaica
SF-Emillio Browne, Chesapeake
PF-Davonte Gonzalez, S. Foothills
C--Jack Spiegel, Carlisle
2nd Team:
PG-Bill Carney, Carlisle
SG-Bubba Hennessey, Somerset
SF-Lance Armstrong, Somerset
PF-Kenyon Maggette, Jamaica
C--Sage Walker, Scranton
All Freshman Team:
PG-Nikos Atirides, Somerset
SG-Tyson Cooper, Somerset
SF-Lonnie Graham, Pittsburgh
PF-Dietrich Holger, Carlisle
C--Ramiro Watts, Somerset
Projected Standings:
1. Chesapeake
2. Carlisle
3. Jamaica
4. Somerset
5. S. Foothills
6. Scranton
7. Pittsburgh

This team has pretty much everything they need to succeed in this conference. They have a great PG in Kruegerand Browne is a definite keeper at SF.They will also get solid play from the big men.
This team lacks the middle game. They have a good PG in Bill Carney and one of the leagues top players in Jack Spiegel at C, but it is the middle that will need to be proven. If Freshman Dietrich Holger can step up this team may contend for the conference title.
This team has all the tools they need, but we'll see how well the coach uses them. Jones and Maggette are a very talented group in the frontcourt. They also have very solid guard play. This team could be completely turned around if the coaches are solid.
This is a young team. They probably had one of the best classes in the nation and will be a great team in a couple seasons. This team lacks the great scorer of some other teams but hopes to contend with a solid team effort. There will be major freshman contributions on this team by seasons end. Especially by star recruit Ramiro Watts who will need to develop fast.
This team has a well above average frontcourt. Gonzalez and Gordon will pose problems for opponents. However, their guard play is in serious question. Dewell and Chase just aren't gonna be enough to get the job done here.
Their center is their best player. I expect to see huge numbers from Sage Walker. If this team is to have any success I believe it will have to come from their inside game which seems to be a recurring theme in this conference.
I have a feeling this team will be hard pressed to find wins in this conference. Their guards are pretty good, but as I pointed out earlier this conference is dominated by a strong inside game and this team has none. Vernie and Hodge will try their best, but both will find it tough going with no great big man in there.
Big 7 Conference Preview by PTS writer, Brandon Morfeld.

Conference Player of the Year:
Devonta Corrigan, Amsterdam
Incoming Impact Freshman:
Evilio Nunez, Siberia

All Conference Team
1st Team:
PG-Jimmy Whalen, Vojvodina
SG-Evilio Nunez, Siberia
SF-Jerry Kumanchik, Siberia
PF-Devonta Corrigan, Amsterdam
C--Odell bell, NE Moscow State
2nd Team:
PG-Charlie Daidone, Siberia
SG-Brian Collins, Amsterdam
SF-Jaxon McCall, Royal Academy
PF-Everett Kubey, Siberia
C--Marten Kurpeikis, Vojvodina
All Freshman Team:
PG-Eric Manning, Amsterdam
SG-Evilio Nunez, Siberia
SF-Brian Collins, Amsterdam
PF-Jovan Hatfield, Glasgow
C--Marten Kurpeikis, Vojvodina
Projected Standings:
1. Siberia
2. Amsterdam
3. Royal Academy
4. NE Moscow State
5. Vojvodina
6. Langepas
7. Glasgow

This team is very strong. They have great guards in Daidone and Nunez and great big men in Kumanchik and Kubey. Huryta and Nunez will both make major contributions as Freshman and Nunez may be the best freshman around. This team is quite young so that may cause problems at times, but if they play up to their talent level they will be a top team in the nation.
This team could easily take advantage of the inexperiance of Siberia. Amsterdam has an amazing core group of guys with Yee and Corrigan. Brian Collins should put up big numbers by freshman standards as well. I think this team could use a better PG and a stronger Center although Douglas and Diblasi are more than adequate at their respective positions.
This team will feed the ball to Jaxon McCall if they are smart. But I think that is what is key for this team as for some others. If the coaching is there then they are a much better team. If the coaching slacks off this team may be in for a VERY long season.
This team is also quite young. They also will rely mainly on one player to spark the team and that is Center Odell Bell. Cordell Parks and stan Schellpeper should both see good time as freshman this season. I think that Meynardie is an excellent PG as well.
This team has a great group of freshman and young players. But those guys won't win them games right away. If those freshman can make strides this season then this team could be a lot better than this projection. Whalen is a top notch PG and Finley and Kurpeikis will contribute.
This team starts no freshman--which isn;t a good thing. Baehr, Haug, and reynolds will all be solid players, but not much above average. Agey and Hernandez will be dominated inside. I don't see anything too bright for this team at the moment. Maybe this article will give them something to strive for.
This team is the exact opposite of Langepas, starting 3 freshman! The only flaw to this is that they aren't that great of freshman. This team at least has a brighter future, although don't expect much this season.
Euro 7 Conference Preview by PTS writer, Brandon Morfeld.

Conference Player of the Year:
Tony Alfonso, Sahara
Incoming Impact Freshman:
Obafemi Mabruke, Sahara

All Conference Team
1st Team:
PG-Jalen Bell, Monaco St
SG-Tony Alfonso, Sahara
SF-Juan Sanchez, Buenos Aires
PF-Gus Zeus, Heavenly
C--Tyrique Stokes, Buenos Aires
2nd Team:
PG-Bill Magenheimer, Melbourne
SG-Jason Crawford, Melbourne
SF-Roy Houlse, Heavenly
PF-Cory Mosley, Monaco St
C--Myron Baron, Beijing
All Freshman Team:
PG-Felipe Juarez, Heavenly
SG-Jake Johnston, Loyola
SF-Obafemi Mabruke, Sahara
PF-Alfred Hodge, Melbourne
C--Roy Cader, Sahara
Projected Standings:
1. Loyola
2. Monaco St
3. Heavenly
4. Melbourne
5. Sahara
6. Buenos Aires
7. Beijing

There is nothing flashy about this team, but it's very well coached and will demolish teams on the boards. The one major flaw for this team is its shooting. But all of those second chance opportunities from offensive rebounds, will lead this team to a conference title.
Led by senior guard, Jalen Bell, this is probably the conference's most talented team. This is a small team though. Lack of depth at power forward and center will cost their chances of winning the conference. Loyola's size will be too much.
This team has what Monaco St. needs-- size. This is a slow team and has only 4 players on the team that can play guard. They have only 2 point guards, both of whom are freshman. They will crumble by the end of the season.
This is a solid team that has a nice mixture of experienced backcourt players with young frontcourt players. The guards will help the young forwards and centers develop much sooner than anticipated. This is my sleeper team of the conference.
Coach Rutland did a nice job with recruiting the Fab 4 (Mabruke, Coleman, Cader, and Martin) and he returns the conference's best player in Tony Alfonso. This team needs time to gel and develop though. Next season will be the year to watch this team.
From a college standpoint, this is a very old team. This team is made up of 2 sophomores, 1 freshman, and the rest are either juniors or seniors. They have a nice starting 5, but even with all the experience they bring to the table, I don't think it will be enough. They will have a disappointing season.
This team lacks a great player. It's made up of a bunch of average and slightly below average players. History has shown though, that these can be the best teams. Talent-wise, this is the worst team in the conference. This is a weak conference, so don't be surprised if this group of overachievers sneaks to the top.
Big 7 Conference Preview by PTS writer, Sam Plummer.