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Wanna Join ?

We need a little bit of personal information, first.

Please note: These leagues are free. Absolutely, positively 100% free. We do not foresee a time when these would become pay-for-play leagues, but years from now it may be possible. Again, the chances of this happening are unlikely.

Although it is most unlikely that you will experience any problems responding to this form, certain non-standard browsers will not respond properly. If you experience any difficulties, (or if you are not using a forms-capable browser) you may email your response to this form to:

Please enter the following information and send it to the Prime Time Sports HQ. This will speed up the process of getting you into the league. Thank You.


Where would you like your team located? Where did you hear about this simulation league? Anything else that you'd like to say?

PLEASE, before hitting submit, we are looking for people who will be as active as possible and follow along with the league. We do NOT want people that will not bother to learn the system, and/or those that just sit back and don't even watch how their own team progresses. If you want to be able to sit back, never communicate with anyone else in the league, please, do yourself a favor and don't hit the submit button. You would just be wasting my time as well as yours.